Still Here

Ok, been over a month since I last posted which is dang odd since it feels like it’s only been a week. Anyway, I wanted to post some footage people have shot with the T2i/550d for the folks out there wondering what these HDSLRS are capable of doing.  Watch them in HD if you can.

The 18-55mm kit lens used here.

I believe a Canon 50mm 1.4 for this one.

Canon 100mm/2.8 macro, 200mm/2.8L, Tamron 17-50/2.8

And finally a low-light piece. Lens used here is a Sigma 30mm F1.4

Not bad for an $800 dollar body. Lenses on the other hand are a different story since good quality won’t be cheap. I’ll save that for another update.


~ by Sean on June 9, 2010.

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