A mini-Red Rant

I’ve been a fan of Red ever since they announced their intentions to enter into the film world. I knew I’d never be able to afford the Red One, but it was something I dreamed about working with on a set one day. When the Scarlet with the “price-I-know-I-can-somehow-swing” was announced, I became even more excited about what Red was doing. Shooting 3K Raw up to 120 Frame Per Second is something I’ve been pining to do for quite some time. It still doesn’t have a release date (and the delays have been excruciating to say the least), but I think Red will still deliver a product.

Scarlet fixed lens and removable lens cameras.

My big issue is with some of Red’s hardcore fanboys who seem to feel the need to knock on any type of DSLR filmmaking. The comments on the Red forum seem indicate that anyway who dares to use a DSLR to shoot something while the mighty Scarlet is waiting to be unleashed should be flogged repeatedly in public. The comments are usually something like: “No raw capability? Poppycock I say!” or “No 3 Thousand lines of resolution? Fiddle-y-prick!” and so forth.

An unfortunate Canon 5D user.

There was a comment that stated that they wouldn’t shoot a feature on a DSLR in a million years. Uhhh, okay….while you’re still waiting for Scarlet to come out to shoot your feature, others, like myself will be taking our chances to shoot our own projects because the technology is available now (more affordable than ever mind you) to get outstanding moving pictures. Yes, these cameras have to be outfitted to be usable, and they are by no means perfect video cameras, but once you know their limitations and how to work with them, you’ll be treated to some incredible looking footage. The idea that these cameras are not great filmmaking tools for those on a budget is childish and ignorant. In the words of Patton Oswalt: “You’re gonna miss everything cool and die angry.”


~ by Sean on August 26, 2010.

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